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Good News: ROC’s Delivery Amount In March Exceeded 21,000t

In March, the "different" harvest month in this Spring, good news came from ROC jetty: 23 sets of offshore wind power monopiles (including 4 pieces of positioning piles), 12 sets of cages and 1 set of pile keeper were successfully delivered in March, with the total weight more than 21,000t.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, day or night, you can always see a group of lovely people at ROC jetty busily organize the delivery of offshore wind power monopiles around-the-clock. Leaders at all levels fought with the majority of employees in the first line, made overall arrangements, efficiently coordinate wind farms and vessels, distributed resources rationally, and made breakthroughs under the circumstance of achieving the set targets. Both the quantity and the weight hit a new high in March. Among which 13 sets of monopiles for CHNG Qidong H1, H2, H3 project, and 6 sets of monopiles for CHNG Shandong Peninsula South project were delivered, which ensured the continuity of offshore wind farm construction and won high praise and affirmation by the Client.