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Work Overtime To Catch Up On The Schedule, Strive To Deliver Regardless Of Rain Or Shine

At the noon of Mar 19, workers were busily loading “CHNG Shandong Peninsula South No.4 Wind Power Monopile” in ROC jetty during the rain, so as to timely meet Client needs.

To catch the tide, project team planned and deployed each key point in advance. On the site, it’s quite crowded. Employees worked busily but orderly. None of the slacked off because of the rain. The project manager commanded on the site, coordinated all parties, and made every effort to ensure the smooth loading of 1200-ton offshore wind power monopiles under the premise of ensuring safety.

It’s ROC employees’ craftsmanship spirit of overcoming difficulties and working with perseverance that enhances the recognition from Client. At present, the projects undertaken by ROC are running orderly. All ROC staff will continue to work hard, keep improving, and strive to complete the delivery of each project with high quality and high standard, so as to lay a solid foundation to further develop the offshore wind power equipment market at home and abroad.