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Start And Operate Business For Ten Years, Forge Ahead And Create Brilliant Achievements —ROC Tenth Anniversary Party & 2020 Summary And Commendation Conference Brought Off

Start and operate business for ten years, forge ahead and create brilliant achievements. On Mar 10, 2021, ROC Tenth anniversary party & 2020 summary and commendation conference was held. Top leaders, supervisors from each department, client representatives, and excellent subcontractor representatives were present. 

2020 is full of passion, and composed the struggle course of ROC. ROC executive director Mr. Shi Xiaoyue, and executive vice president Mr. Shao Xiwu made a speech successively. They summarized the achievements and breakthroughs made in 2020, reviewed the development of ROC in these ten years, and meanwhile put forward higher requirements and expectations for future development.

In 2020, ROC staff worked hard and made progress. A number of excellent employees emerged and they made their own contributions to the company in various fields such as safety, production and quality. They’re the pride of ROC. The top leaders presented prizes to the winners, and all ROC staff gave them warm applauses.

From 2011 to 2021, that is, from the start of ROC, some staff started working here, deemed company as their own home, and turned the love for ROC into efforts and action. Peered all the way, they shared the joy of success at this moment.

The development of ROC is inseparable from the hard work of all employees, as well as the support of client and joint efforts of suppliers. The success of this ceremony let us see the cohesive force, centripetal force, enterprising spirit and team spirit of all staff. We believe that in 2021 ROC will be more brilliant.